Wednesday, October 21, 2009


While we were walking Florence Avenue in Sebastopol last Saturday, I saw this post at the corner of someones yard right close to the road. At first I just thought that it just said the same thing on all four sides until I walked around the post and then found three other languages represented on the post. Isn't this a great idea?

It fits right in to a book that I am currently reading called "The Compassionate Universe" by Eknath Easwaran. It's subtitled "The Power of the Individual to Heal the Environment". It's not too late you know! According to Eknath Easwaran "we can undo the damage humankind has done to the environment--by making small changes in our everyday lives". These people on Florence Avenue certainly have the right idea. We have to start at home. The rest will follow.

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  1. I agree completely...we can all make a difference. What a beautiful post just sitting there with beautiful writing.Thank you for sharing all these sculptures...they are delightful!


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