Monday, May 17, 2010


These are my new rain boots. I needed something to work in when it was pouring rain so I found these in the "little girls department" at Target for really cheap. I think that any bug that sees these coming will run for cover. Don't you?

Last Saturday night a friend I used to work with threw herself her own 50th birthday. This lady is TOTALLY into skulls. She has them everywhere (even a few tatoos) and of course, because she designed her own birthday cake, she made it skulls. A bit strange, but then, it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, right? This cake was even complete with a pump that allowed red "juice" (read as: blood) to pour down the sides of the cake from the "mother skull" at the top! She hand made every one of those white chocolate skulls and then had to paint in the dark chocolate into the eye sockets. Labor intensive, I'd say. But, hey, you only turn 50 once, right?

So, for a birthday present I made her this bag, complete with skull fabric. I'm not sure that she really liked it. I don't think the skulls were scary enough! Excuse the sideways photo. For some reason, blogger kept turning my photo on its side no matter what I did. You get the idea anyway, don't you?


  1. COOL! You'd have to be blind not to like that bag, it's a winner, I think.

  2. omg. that cake is creepy amazing! lol, you might just scare away any rabbits that come for your garden

  3. hey Brian...thanks for a way to get rid of the rabbits!
    Wow the purse/bag is awesome. Pretty talented lady! I bet that 50th birthday party was a real hoot if the cake is any indication.
    Looks like Day of the Dead boots will keep your feet dry...but I'm still trying to figure out how you are able to fit into boots from the children's section. Are you a tiny leprechaun and not telling us? ha!

  4. I know...the CAKE, right? I didn't stay long enough to see them cut into it. I think most of the "deal" with the cake was that it had some movement to it, with the skull on top acting as if it were a fountain. Very strange. The 3 of us who went to this party had no idea what the "real" her was like. We knew a bit about her but not the real her. You just never know, really, about who people are and what their likes and dislikes are until you get to know them better. And sometimes, you NEVER know someone no matter HOW long you knoow them.

    Maggie--no, not a tiny leprechaun...although I am only 5 ft. 2 in. Just able to buy size 4 shoes, which equates to around a 6 I think. I did the same with my Converse too. The lady at the checkout stand asked me "Are these for YOU?" I said, "YES!" with a big smile on my face and then she just said "OH!". Isn't it fun to shock people?? Never under estimate a strange artist, I say!

  5. I love your boots-- I have a pair of shoes with a skull on them-- and a silver necklace with a crow's skull-- I collect animal and bird skulls too. By the way, you left a comment about birds' nests-- I have my store bought ones in my studio and the ones I found outside-- are outside on my deck or greenhouse...


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