Sunday, May 16, 2010


The entire town of Meadow Vista came out for the race. Almost every business in town was holding an open house, having live bands play music, food was being sold on every corner and even the hula was being danced in front of the Pharmacy.

Here's my family perched on the top of the hill waiting for the race to come through town. We had a really good vantage point from up on high.

We noticed that there were so many people on bikes and also so many people wearing their favorite bike "brand" in the form of t-shirts and jerseys. This one says: Racing ahead. Cool logo, isn't it?

Here's what we saw when we looked down the road toward where the bikers were soon to be arriving from.

There were many, many vehicles to support the bike riders. I thought this was clever: Tourminators. They arrived right before the bike riders.

And here they come! So quick you barely had time to snap the shutter on your camera. There was no way I could tell you who was in the lead or where any of the top team members were because of that.

And there they go! Just as fast as they came, they were gone. And then the crowd dispersed and within less than an hour the entire town was devoid of people and you never even knew a race had been held. Incredible! But, it was fun while it lasted. The atmosphere of something this big is contagious and fun. I'm sure we'll be watching the rest of the race with a keen eye and a better appreciation for the incredible amount of organization that it takes to pull off something of this scale. Just the police force in attendance was phenomenal! Enjoy your Monday. We are expecting a bit of rain...again!


  1. veru cool...a flash of excitement blows through and then all back to normal. smiles. bet it was cool though.


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