Sunday, May 23, 2010


And, it is! They say that there is nothing like the love you feel when you have a grandchild. I guess they are right because what I feel for this child, I cannot totally express in words. We understand each other without even talking. There is a bond between us that runs so deep.

I felt this same way about my twins when they were young too. I loved looking at their little hands and feet and how innocent they were. Your children grow up and a bit of that fades in the background but when you have a grandchild, it brings that love right to the surface again. It makes you remember why that love is there and reinforces the fact that you can call it forward any time you want. I think the reason people say that there is nothing like the love you feel when you have a grandchild is because they have forgotten the possibilities that exist.

Today, we celebrate 5 years that this child has been on the earth, reminding us all daily of how insignificant we all are, of the unbridled love that exists, of the love that resides inside of each of us and is unadulterated. Children are so trusting, loving, innocent, and real. We all could take a lesson from a child.

Today, I thank my twins for being there for me through thick and thin, for bringing life into my life once again, for always doing the right thing. I can honestly say that my girls have always done the right thing. They never gave me anything to worry about; they always made the right choices in life. There were times in High School when other parents were worried because their children were smoking, or drinking or doing drugs. My girls were never in that category. And, I know, you are thinking: "that you KNOW of". Well, not so. They once went to a party where drugs were being smoked and drove all the way home because they didn't feel comfortable. We talk about everything. We have always been close. There have never been any secrets in our family. We are open and honest and I am proud about that.

They both live next door to each other now. And...they married brothers! So, to say that our family is "close" is an understatement! And, my Mom lives in a house just above them. So there are multi-generations there, enjoying the dream. I am happy for that too. I know that they will always be there for each other. They see each other daily and are best friends. The thought of not being close to a sibling is so foreign to me and to them. And, maybe it is because they are twins that the bond is so deep. But I really doubt it. Honesty and openness are key, in my estimation.

My twins are so health oriented that it makes it difficult to live up to THEIR expectations! But, they are constant reminders to me of what I should strive for in MY life. What a turn-around! A child inspiring a parent! I'm wondering if this happens all the time to parents or is it an anomaly? I tend to think that at different times in our lives we have different teachers. I only hope that I have made an impact on their lives too. I hope that I have inspired them to be (above all) honest, open, and willing to listen.

When we refuse to debate or talk about something important to one or another, we refuse that person. I am reminded of a quote by Kimmie over at "Words on Paper Scraps". She has a quote on her blog by Martin Luther King, Jr. that says: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Bravo Kimmie! I wrote this down because it is at the core of my existence. I refuse to be silent about things that matter.



  1. Happy Birthday to your grandbaby!
    I am raising 3 daughters right now - ages 12/10/8 - and have learned early on that they need to be able to talk to me about ANYTHING at all. When one of them says, "Mom, can I talk to you about something ...." I get so happy inside! It's everything! And I have hope that we'll make it through the High School years ok - if we keep thehonesty and openness that we have right now. Thank you so much for the reminder - and the proof :)

  2. happy birthday to natalie! i hope you all have a wonderful day. mine are still young so i know the love you speak of and one day will again.

    glad your family has always been for you as well...but go play now. smiles.

  3. What a loving family you have Teri. Natalie is just adorable. I love the MLK true.
    Happy Birthday Natalie!


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