Saturday, May 15, 2010


Tomorrow, for the first time ever, the Amgen tour will be starting from Nevada City, California and will be coming within a few miles of where we live when it crosses the American River and comes down Historical Highway 49 and comes through Cool, California. (I know...weird name for a hot town!)
This is what Nevada City looks like. It's an old historical town and a favorite place of mine. The Amgen tour is the largest cycling event in America and the 2010 Amgen tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race. Stage 1 starts in Nevada City on May 16th and ends at Stage 8 in southern California on May 23. If you get a chance to watch it, look for me on the sidelines with my camera and my family. (Look for 2 six-foot tall identical girl twins and their short Mom). We'll be enjoying all the excitement in our small towns. After often does something this big happen right in the town where you live? I have a feeling that my camera won't even capture Lance Armstrong as he zips past us in his yellow jersey. He'll be moving way too fast I'm sure. And Mary Ann (blue Sky Dreaming Mary Ann that is) he's headed your way too. Are you planning on trying to catch a glimpse when he passes through Santa Cruz?

If you want to look at some video you can go here. I think you might actually be able to watch it live from this link. We are taping the race on Versus. Maybe some of you have that channel with your subscriber.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. I hope I don't get too sunburned!


  1. watch yourself out there...that sun can sneak up on you...sounds like a fun to work today...

  2. Nevada City looks cool...not to be confused with the city Cool! ha! California sure is a beautiful state. My youngest son will be flying to Brea ,CA tomorrow for a three day business trip. I wish I could go too!
    Enjoy the bikes, and the time with the girls.
    Have a fun Sunday.

  3. Yes, they are coming through our downtown area...should be exciting!

  4. that is so cool! what a beautiful little town.

  5. Happy Belated Sunday,
    Happy Monday!


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