Friday, May 7, 2010


Let me share with you my friend Gay's yard in Santa Cruz. Here is the welcome sign you will find just to the right of her front door. And she means it too! Welcome to her beach house.

This wonderful Buddha is sitting on the upper deck, facing the house and all the windows so you can see him at the same time you are looking at the ocean. He is surrounded with crystals. Incredible!

This Buddha sits under a tree (a Boddhi tree?) and holds offerings that Gay has placed in his hands. Many blessings abide in this yard, you can be certain.!

Here Buddha hangs on the fence with his serene face looking down at all those who sit and enjoy her yard. I think that Gay told me that this is her favorite.

Another Buddha tucked right in all the plants and enjoying the warm rays of the sunshine. Her yard is magical as you will see in the next post. There were so many things for me to take pictures of that I want to share so I categorized them a bit. Gay herself has much wisdom and each time I visit her I leave feeling refreshed, enlightened, and well-love and taken care of. She has an artists eye in what she collects and how she displays it. And, a quirky sense of humor which I adore! She is very environmental too. She collects rain water to help with the watering of the yard. And, she rides a scooter all over town (and around this country and others) which saves of gas usage. She is deliberate about whatever she does and the impact that it will have on the environment if she chooses something. An awakened being!


  1. Love those door knob hooks!

  2. Hi Teri,
    Thanks for sharing all this. Wonderful little glimpses. Love the buddhas and the fromt entrance way. Fantastic wind chime with the utensils! Gay sounds perfectly delightful So glad you had fun.

  3. wow. looks like a pretty cool place to ahng out. smiles. have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I wish I were in Santa Cruz today, though it is beautiful here as well. I love all of Gay's Buddha statues and her garden - can't wait to see more!

  5. I have to say I am so jealous, a home in Santa Cruz overlooking the ocean. Jeez. Thanks for the vicarious visit.

  6. What a beautiful place to visit. And how fortunate to have such a wonderful friend.
    Have a happy Mothers Day Teri...filled with all the love your heart can hold. xo

  7. The last photo is so peaceful. It makes a wonderful header.

    BTW, you asked about the wild flowers in my last blogpost. It is in fact wild dagga, which you can read about here >>>

  8. peaceful and inspirational!
    Happy Monday!


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