Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have any of you ever washed clothes in a machine like this?

Or cooked food on a stove like this? I have! We used to own a wringer washer and we still have our wood cook stove too. We don't use them any longer but, like Gay in Santa Cruz, I have mine on display in the greenhouse. She has hers here in her breezeway. Those are the iris' that she gave me. Incredible color, right?

Do you see this skeleton? Look you see what's in it's mouth? WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

A gift from Gay's cat that was caught in the yard! That's what you get for digging in her garden!


  1. i have washed on a wash board....we used to have one hanging in the garage...

  2. yes I use a wringer waclothes sometimes would get caught in it and wrap around the ringersher,

  3. Love the strawberry header! I cooked on a stove like that in Humboldt for a couple of years when I was off the grid. One of the best time of my life.

  4. Love the strawberry header...but the little gift from Gay's cat...not so much. Hope you aren't working too hard and able to enjoy your garden.
    Take care

  5. Karen--I knew that some people would not like it. Gay has a very "funny" sense of humor and it was probably left there as an offering so that the garden didn't destroyed by other gophers coming through. Fair warning I guess. I have been working really long hours but I seem to be enjoying it. I love having a day off here and there (had Thursday off) so that we can do things around the garden, etc. We ripped out a huge section of plants and have to transplant them now. We bought one of those soft-sided pools so that I can swim and exercise this upcoming hot summer. It's not very deep but I am not very it might work out really well for ME! Have a great weekend.

    Suz---by not tellin' your tellin'! You know what I mean???

  6. Can't say I've ever used an old stove like that but I've stoked them many times for mother and grandmother. Aren't those iris an amazing colour? Beautiful.

  7. yikes, i didn't want to see that poor rabbit.
    love the stove and washer though!


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