Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is looking north toward Capitola and Santa Cruz from a cliff overlooking the beach at Aptos. Our friend, Gay, lives on the cliff to the right of this pier and the cement boat. Mary Ann of Blue Sky Dreaming most likely recognizes this scene, right Mary Ann?

Here is a closer shot of the cement boat (that is what Gay told us it is called). We ate our lunch here, overlooking this scene yesterday before we arrived at Gay's house for a visit. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a moist breeze blowing the entire time we were there. The day could not have been nicer.

Here's a shot looking toward Capitola and closer toward the cliff where Gay lives year 'round, watching the ocean from her wall-to-wall windows. Tomorrow I will take you along with me through some of her garden, house and patio area if she approves. I do not want to post pictures if she does not give me approval. Let me just tell you that she has the most incredible taste, the greenest thumb, the most generous heart and spirit, and a deep love for animals. I am always happy to call her my friend. I am humbled in her presence and generosity. Thank you for the iris, Gay!


  1. nice. that last pic is all the lofwers over looking hte water...hope you have a great weekend.

  2. It's a view I never get tired of...almost everyday I find a way to drive or walk past water and sand. I once lived in Capitola but now on the other's all magical and as you noticed the air is totally fresh. Did you find the "dog beach"?

  3. Gorgeous! and a beautiful day too! I've only been to SC a few times - and loved it there :)


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