Saturday, March 6, 2010


I see banners in other blogger's sidebars about awards. Some people display the awards proudly; others post that their blogs are "award free". I am not quite sure how I feel about the whole thing. I just logged on to one of my favorite blogs: Secret Notebooks, Wild Pages and see that she has given me a Kreativ Blogger award. I am honored but yet, because of the parameters, I feel odd. How do you pick seven other bloggers that you would like to honor with the same award and then what if when you pick them, they don't appreciate it?

I went to the source of this award to Melanie of Secret Notebooks, Wild Pages, and see that she received the award from Mike at Annotated Margins. If you read his post on the day he passed the award on, you will see that he broke the rules too. (This supposes that I will be breaking the rules, doesn't it!) What you are to do is to pass it on to seven other blogs, much like a chain letter and hopefully the entire thing will get passed on.

Instead, if you are reading my blog and would like to comment and take the award "home" with you, I offer it to you. My doors are open, so to speak, and you are welcome to share in whatever I have. That includes the award. I know, I know...but how do you pick seven, one, or two? You are ALL great and I get something wonderful and different from each one of you. You are all "Kreativ". Congratulations you. Just list seven things that we might not know about you and link back to me or to Melanie at Secret Notebooks. I know she would appreciate it!

  • You may not know this about me: I don't like lists. I don't even write grocery lists. I have a really good memory and rely on it to help me remember what a list would. It seems like a waste of time to me to write a list. Lists of what you think are important, what you need to do before you take a trip, what you need to buy for everyone on your Christmas list. What ever happened to spontaneity? Perhaps that is why I balk at this. Hmmmm....
  • When I was 22 I lived in a 30 foot school bus in Siskiyou county for awhile until we moved down to El Dorado county and built our house (while we lived in the school bus!)
  • I had one pregnancy and was blessed with twins, who by the way, are identical mirror image twins. One is left-handed and the other is right. I am 5 foot 2 inches; they are both 6 feet tall. They were full-term, only eight days early.
  • I am afraid of birds. I don't like the flapping or when they swoop down at your head.
  • I was a fork lift operator for about 2 years before I got pregnant.
  • I attended college when I was 48 and received my Bachelor's Degree at 52. I graduated with honors.
  • My sister and I are eleven months apart and when I was young I could never understand why she got to celebrate her birthday first when I was the oldest! We ended up having 2 cakes at ever birthday: one chocolate, one vanilla. I eventually figured it out.
There...that wasn't too difficult. Melanie: don't hate me for breaking the rules. I never was good at those chain letters or pyramid schemes. Oh...and large crowds. That's two more for the list!


  1. i tend to agree with you ... not sure about the awards ... i guess its the terminology ... an award implies an accolade that has been earned and its handed on by your peers ...

    on the other hand, for want of a better award, people who admire you and your ways of being (via your site) think highly of you ...

    i love your handling of the whole thing ...

    as for listing 7 things - great idea ! .... why 7 i ask myself ...

    although I feel a little bleh about awards i have no doubt you deserve it ... and its always nice to receive validation ... so congrats YOU >>> Gina

  2. I love lists. Wouldn't remember a thing without them. There are lists everywhere - in my pockets, purse, on my desk, scribbled on the backs of envelopes...

    A fork lift operator, oh! That's amazing, I find those pretty scary looking. Or maybe it's just the thought of me trying to drive one that's scary.

  3. Gina, Gina! TAG...You're it! I hope that next time I read your blog you will list seven things. I would LOVE to hear about you and the things that I may not know. Will you do it?

    Melanie--I know...some people just love lists. I guess it is me being stubborn mostly. I think that if I start relying on lists then I will forget to use my brain. You know...the older we get we have to challenge ourselves more!!! My sister, on the other hand, has to write herself a list to remember to look at her list!! And, she makes copious notes and lists and never seems to get them done. She even goes so far as to plan every meal when she goes camping, day by day, and then tries to stick to the list. I guess I just love being more free to see what happens. Every day is a mystery that way. Maybe if I was as busy as you are with your job and all the things that you are responsible for, I would have to make lists. I am amazed that you accomplish so much. Here I sit most days with no job and I can't find half the things that you do on the web! You are truly amazing. It must be the lists!! Maybe I should try to use them. Do you know that I don't even wear a watch and I am always early or on time??? A bit OCD I would say, wouldn't you?

  4. WONderful stone building in your opening pic!!

    I used to proudly display all my awards when I first started blogging two years ago. It just got out of hand, so I had to stop. It is a wonderful way to show bloggy support, as well as meet new bloggers.

  5. Loved your list of 7. How awesome that you went back to school and graduated with honors. I'll have to give this a go tomorrow.

  6. Congrats on the awared Teri. And like you, I always break the rules too.

  7. Greetings Teri,

    I too have mixed feeling about awards and since I have received two, I have broken both requirements. For I do not believe that it should be passed on like a chain letter or a pyramid scheme, because that is what they are.

    I have been contemplating on developing an award and it should be noted that it cannot be passed on. Only I can give it out and no more than 4-5 are given in a year. There would be guidelines that I set up so that certain points would need to be met, providing consistency in the award.

    Having sad that, I just recently posted my awards on the sidebar, but i am contemplating removing them or just placing them to the footer, where they can be found but not seen by most viewers unless they scroll all the way to the end.

    Well those are my two cents.

    Warmest regards,

  8. i did meet your challenge to present 7 things but they sit there in reply to you and are not passed on ... :)

    its on this page >>

    welcome to Tuesday ! >>> Gina


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