Sunday, March 14, 2010


When we went to bed on Friday it was pouring rain. But when we woke up on Saturday morning, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! So, the four of us loaded up in the car and headed down to Berkeley. My daughter has a friend from U.C. Davis who now lives and works in Berkeley and we had been wanting to go down there for quite some time. We drove to one of my favorite streets that I have been visiting since my late teens: Ashby Street. Ashby Street runs east and west and it is at the eastern end of Ashby that you will find one of my favorite stores. It is "Tail of the Yak" located at 2632 Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, California 94705. Below are some of the photos I took while shopping. Look how incredible this store is decorated!

We had an entirely wonderful day. The weather was absolutely perfect; hardly a cloud in the sky. As we arrived in Berkeley, the view to San Francisco was spectacular. There were sail boats on the water, the skyline was crystal clear so you could see all the details of the buildings clear across the bay, and there wasn't much traffic. I would surmise that most everyone headed up the mountain to the snow. We had our fill of snow in the last few weeks so a trip to the bay was the perfect foil. Tomorrow when I get home from work I will post more pictures from the road trip.

For me the city is filled with such wonder. Living here in the trees, devoid of stimulus such as unique architecture, store-fronts filled with every thing you can imagine, wonderful animals on every corner (we saw so many different kinds of dogs AND cats this day!), and of course, people of ALL sorts of persuasions (remember: we were in Berkeley which has a rich political history, to say the least) has its limitations. You can only take so many photos of trees, shrubs and fungus. But the city...ahhhhhh! That is another story. There were things on every corner that piqued my interest. The Saturday road trip will continue for me for the next few days on my blog which will enable me to do my job AND post. Have a great week everyone. I will be thinking of you. And, remember to check out Willow's Magpie Tales blog on Tuesdays (link on the sidebar). I have found some really great writers over there and it has really been fun for me to be a participant as well.

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  1. This looks like the kind of shop I could spend hours in! Looking forward to your Magpie! Thanks for the shout-out. :^)


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