Wednesday, March 17, 2010


After we ate our wonderful lunch at Spenger's, we drove to Fourth Street which is loaded with stores both great and small. I spotted this tree mural on the way there. Maybe it's just a bunch of leaves instead of a tree. Oh has a shadow of a tree on it from the living tree to the left of it which technically makes it LOOK like a tree with leaves!

A typical telephone pole in the city. This just does NOT happen where I live. I guess that is a good sign or a bad sign, depending on how you look at it. Sometimes it would be fun to have it loaded with information about upcoming events. Other times it is nice to have nothing much going on and not focus on the poles at all but rather have them disappear into the background.

OK----A great furniture store with the great chaise out in front.

The opposite side of the great furniture store.

A wall on the inside of the furniture store. I just love black and whites.

Check out these great lights! Aren't they just too good?

And these..............
And these???? My Mom used to have an aluminum chair like one of these. (How many of you can pronounce 'aluminum'?) Did you know I used to have a friend who absolutely COULD NOT? And it wasn't because she was from England, where they pronounce it Al-U-MIN-IUM either. She just could NOT pronounce that word. I like it when my friends from Canada pronounce things such as schedule. To them it is SHEDS-UAL (Or something kind of like that). Funny how where you live determines how you pronounce things and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot ever change that. It makes things interesting, doesn't it?


  1. What a great store. And I love the felted birds in your new header. And I have two moss balls like the ones in the window display! A friend who owns a beautiful retail shop in Northampton gave them to me.

    Have a great weekend Teri!

  2. Fourth street looked like fun...did you buy one of those chaise lounge chairs? So cool. When I first moved out to the rural parts of Illinois from the Chicago neighbors thought I sounded like I was from NYC. I had to learn to lose that real quick since it not only sounds different...but words come out with a snap. Some of my rural friends just couldn't get the gist of the city lingo. Now my kids tell me I've picked up a twang after 20 years out here.


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