Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My walk on Sunday gave me lots of subjects to photograph. Spring is just around the corner, everything is starting to "spring" forth with life. There are signs everywhere you look, from the trees sprouting,To couples packing picnic lunches and seeking a sunny place to eat,

To animals nesting and protecting their new eggs. Life is all around us.

Even the young ones know that it is time to put away the rain boots and bring out the Spring colors in their shoes.
This little girl was so thrilled to share her new pink boots with me.

Noticing what is all around us is the key. Colors of things signal changes in our attitudes and in nature. the heart and mind of a little girl, skipping along the pond with her pink boots. Life is pink, green, blue, bright yellow, and most of all: happy.


  1. little girls in pink boots says it all-- spring is coming-- we are still having cold cold weather but buds are on the branches-- yahooo

  2. Oh thanks for taking me on your walk
    I too have seen signs of spring
    wow it's been long in coming
    all the more sweeter
    don't you think
    Love those boots!

  3. noticing what is all around us is key...that speaks volumes...yet we get so caught up in going from here to there...great snaps!

  4. Teri,
    Thanks for your sweet comments today. be a kid again....zooming around the pond in pink boots!


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