Sunday, March 28, 2010


On Friday morning my 90+ year old Uncle lost his very dear friend who had just turned 88 in February. She was affectionately known to us as Angie.

My Uncle met her at the McBride Senior Center in Vacaville where Angie was taking painting classes. They fell instantly in love and have been an item ever since, which is approximately 3 years. After his wife passed away from a long illness with cancer, my Uncle Cy never thought that he would ever find anyone to share life's precious moments with. But there, in the senior center, he met Angie.

Angie was an avid painter, lived entirely on her own out in the countryside in a house that sat up on a knoll overlooking a beautiful pond. She was self-sufficient and still managed the family business. She had four wonderful children and one lovely granddaughter. When I visited her home yesterday for the first time, I was amazed at how prolific she was with her painting. There were paintings on every wall in every room of the house. Lovely, wonderful paintings filled with flowers and lush scenes. She painted happy paintings. It touched me deeply to see her work. You can see a person's soul in the work they produce on a canvas. Angie was a happy, well-loved, soulful person. I could see it in her paintings. I wanted to take photos of her work but did not think it was appropriate. Maybe some day I will be allowed to share some of her work in my blog.

Until then: I was glad that I got to meet and know you Angie. I thank you for making my Uncle Cy's life joyful and happy. He found love in the winter of his life. He will miss you. He already does. He doesn't know what to do with himself now and feels that he has nothing to live for. You took great care of him and now he is spoiled and lonely without you.

Life is mysterious, isn't it? People find love when they least expect it and in the most unlikely places. But...they find it! That is what is important. When you give love, you get love. My Uncle Cy loves deeply. He will be turning 91 the end of May. I hope that he continues to find the love in his life that keeps him so vital and alive. Love comes when we least expect it. And it can strike more than once in a person's lifetime.

"The Universe has a violent as well as a harmonious aspect, but it is consistently creative in the larger arc of its development." Thomas Berry


  1. Hello Came here from Magpie --

    Found instead this lovely tribute to I can only image a very fine lady -- who indeed was an artist,, nice if you could take some photo's of her work and do a post on them sometime -- I bet Angie and your Uncle would love that.

    and love your banner--- if it is your garden you are lucky to have such a fine place.
    the dowsers daughter

  2. So sad to hear about Angie. My prayers for peace and comfort for your Uncle Cy.

  3. such a lovely story ... (there's hope for us all then) ... >>> Gina

  4. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. Yes, Joanny, this is my garden. It is the back yard and my (used to be) studio. I gave it up to my husband for his ham radio stuff and he promises to build me another space. The yard is much prettier when things are in bloom.


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