Monday, March 15, 2010


I have been going to Bill's Trading Post since my high school days. It was owned by the relative (Aunt Peggy) of a friend of mine in high school. In those days it was just one space. It now encompasses two rooms adjoined by an opening. I have some really great American Indian jewelry from this place: beautiful rings, sand paintings, weavings, and even a bear fetish which is believed to have power. The bear is the giver of strength and has an arrowhead bundle tied on its back which is an offering for favors already received or hoped for.

A store close to Bill's Trading Post that shows you that I was indeed in Berkeley and Yes! They still do tie-dyed tee shirts----with PEACE SIGNS!!! You can see the Bear sign on one of them. The Cal Bear is the symbol for UC Berkeley.
And last but certainly not least-----------belly bombs (also known as DONUTS). No matter how bad I know they are for me, does that EVER stop me from wanting one or three? How about a dozen? I haven't had a donut in years and I didn't break my streak on this day. A picture is worth a thousand words they say. I just drooled, snapped a photo and walked on by. Next we headed to Spenger's for lunch. A delicious lunch down by the water. I'll post those images tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy your Monday and a virtual donut on me.


  1. What an awesome road trip. The store fronts are amazing. Glad you took a pass on the donuts. I think I'll pass too thanks. I'm afraid I over indulged on soda bread this weekend.

  2. oh my...dough nuts are my weakness...

  3. I have my special places in Berkeley as well...never get tired of shopping and eating and just loving the atmosphere. College Ave for me, the art museum, University Ave. for art supplies and then Shattuck and Walnut for Deli and bookstores...maybe over to 4th for more shopping. Isn't it all great?!


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