Monday, March 22, 2010


Recently, our friends Frank and Kathy went on a week-long trip and asked us to watch their cat Winston. Winston is a wonderful cat! He is playful and rolls over for me when I get down on the floor and rub his head, back and tummy. If ever I was to have a cat, Winston would be the kind of cat I would want. Kathy has always had good luck picking cats. Winston is no exception! On their way home they came through Bishop, California. A local favorite in Bishop is Erick Schat's Bakkery--Home of the original Sheepherder bread. (Bakkery is not is the way it is on the brochure).

Frank and Kathy brought home three loaves of bread from the "bakkery" for us: an extra sourdough, a 12 grain, and sheepherder bread for which the "bakkery" is famous for. When we got home today with our three loaves I made myself a grilled-cheese on the extra sourdough . I wish you were here to join me because it was just so delicious.

Here's the three loaves fresh from Bishop, California. Below is the brochure for the bread. You can order it on-line and they will ship it to you! I just might have to do that one of these days.
FROM INSIDE THE BROCHURE: "The original Sheepherder Bread (1938) was introduced to the Owens Valley during the California Gold Rush by immigrant Basque sheepherders who missed the bread of their homeland.They shaped loaves of their traditional bread by hand, used stone ovens for baking, and produced the first sheepherder bread. Even today we shape the loaves by hand and bake in the finest European Stone Hearth Ovens. The Original Sheepherder Bread (1938), as well as all other delicious products, are made of only the purest ingredients: Well water from the Sierra, stone ground unbleached flour, and never any chemicals. Just like our bread, our pastries are made with only the finest ingredients. Real butter, grade AA eggs, unbleached flour, cane sugar, and artesian well water. We go to the growers to inspect and purchase our almonds and almond paste, pecans, and walnuts. Please enjoy our high quality delicious products."

Check out their website. Besides bread they offer variety loaves such as banana walnut, blueberry walnut or cranberry walnut as well as rolls, pastries, pound cakes, pullaways, cinnamon loaves, cookies, preserves and honey, Dutch specialties and even such things as peppers, jerky, bread dippers, bread spreads and dips, and candies--even sugar-free gummy bears, peanut brittle, and salt water taffy! I don't think you'd be disappointed, that's for sure!

Thanks Frank and Kathy for the special delivery. I'll think about you every time I take a bite of my wonderful bread for the next week or so. And Winston...convince your Mom and Dad to take another trip so I can come and play with you again. I already miss you.

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  1. Thanks for the Bread website...checking it out after I leave here. Hope the new/old job is working out. Must have been nice to be called in..nice to be needed.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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