Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Reading my current issue of County Living Magazine tonight I noticed that they have featured Bisbee, Arizona and they list retro places to eat such as The Shady Dell Motor court and they even list the Shady Dell trailer court where you can stay in Airstreams which are outfitted with retro accessories such as board games and percolator coffeepots! I don't think I'd even be able to figure out how to make coffee with a percolator. Give me that "instant button" to push every time...or Starbuck's! This leads me to the next part of our trip to Berkeley on Saturday which was when we went to Spenger's Fish Grotto and ate lunch.
Here's an old photograph that I took a picture of that was hanging in the entrance. All those cars are definitely from the 1950's, right?
Here's a photo of Frank Spenger with the twins. (I'm not sure who the twins are but liked the fact that he and I shared something in common!) If I read it correctly it says that the year was 1912.

A photo of the fish they caught in those days, probably for the restaurant, wouldn't you think?

Here's a photo of President Roosevelt's 40' barge at Mare Island. Some of the lights and gear are on display at the Grotto.

Here's someone that you all will recognize: Jacques Cousteau. It didn't say what year this was. I wonder if he liked the fish and chips at the Grotto!

This is one of my twins and her husband ordering food for lunch.

Here's one of the items you can see on the walls and the ceilings as you look around the room. There is a plethora of things to see. I could have taken many more photos, that's for sure. Such history in this place.

A shot of the inside where you can see the shape of the ceiling, a huge vase behind our table and great lights on the ceilings.

A sign over the bar area.

And finally, some of the ships models that are located throughout the entire place. I think anyone who has an affinity for nautical history would love this place. I wish that I would have had more time to really look around, but alas, we were parked in the parking lot that DIDN'T validate our parking ticket and we still wanted to go browse the shops on 4th Street. Mary Ann from Blue Sky Dreaming, you might recognize some of the stores in tomorrow's post. Or not. It was my first time on 4th Street so I was just overwhelmed at everything that is there. Spent time in Sur la Table, where I purchased a ravioli maker. Has anyone ever made raviolis? I saw Giada make some the other day on the food network and they looked so delicious and easy that the ravioli maker was a must. Can't wait to have my weekend free to try it out. Working 5 days a week is a big adjustment but when an employer comes looking for YOU, you just have to accept. Great things are in store for me. See you on 4th Street tomorrow!


  1. What a great place; I'd love to stand and gaze at all the old photos. Thanks, xa

  2. Teri
    Thanks so much for taking me on the trip with you via the photos. I loved seeing them and your beautiful daughter. Might that be the hubby tucked behind her in the photo?
    When I was a kid my auntie jenny used to come over and we'd make raviolis all on the kitchen table by hand. Mom and auntie would cut the pieces out and we got to fill them and join together. Aunt Jenny was on my dad's Italian side of the family. We loved when she was over doing ravioli, cannoli, and other delights. Best was when mom and the aunties would play poker for money at the kitchen table. It's funny how even today my kitchen table is like the altar of the home.
    Thanks again for a wonderful trip. Have fun with your new adventure.

  3. Thanks for the mention Teri, I know you will enjoy 4th street. It's been several years for me but between 4th and the Mediterrean (sp?) lunch spot on College...or the Deli on Shattuck....Berkeley Heaven for me!


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